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Export Info



Leaf tobacco bales are each 70-72kg
Large scrap tobacco bales are each 46kg
Fine scrap tobacco bales are each 44kg
Butss stringless tobacco bales are each 47-48kg

Size of a bale is; 1 meter x 45 centimeters.

20 feet container takes 10,000 kg, 40 feet container takes 20,000 kg.

Minimum order requirement:
Our minimum order requirement is 5,000 kg.

Our shipment type is FOB through Famagusta Port, Cyprus via Mersin 10, Turkey  to Worldwide.

Due to the division of Cyprus, following the Turkish invasion in 1974, only the Greek-controlled Republic of Cyprus uses this the post code system. Mail sent to the Turkish-occupied area of Cyprus must instead be addressed to “via Mersin 10, TURKEY” via Mersin in southern Turkey.